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Retaining Wall Gallery
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Fireplace Project Gallery
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Foundation Project Gallery
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What is All Natural "Real" Stone Veneer?
All natural stone veneer is "Real" stone that has been split and sawn to be approximately 1 inch thick and is used as a wall covering for exterior and interior surfaces.
Use thin Veneer for exterior and interior wall coverings to protect the structure for the elements and to provide beauty and decorative appeal to the surface of the structure.
Natural Stone Wall Gallery
Dry stack stone retaining walls are a beautiful historic edition to any garden, pasture, house or pathway. The old art of mortarless rock stacking still stands today as an ergonomically and ecologically sound choice for building a retaining wall.
Odds 'n Ends Gallery
Call for pricing on our easy to install fire pit kits!
Patio/Walkway Concrete Paver Gallery
The use of concrete pavers is growing rapidly on both commercial and residential construction projects. Pavers interlock together to form a patterned surface which can be put into service immediately. Pavers are manufactured in various textures and colors. Pavers are often used for the following applications:
•walkway pavers
•patios pavers
•sidewalk pavers
•pavers for driveways
•project entrances
•a walkway through a city park
•pool decks
•entrance to corporate offices
•around fountains
•streets (most of Germany is paver streets)
•airport runways
Patio/Walkway Natural Stone Gallery
There's no paving finer than natural stone; it's been used for thousands of years and represents one of man's earliest technologies - the ability to make a traversable pathway. It will outlast all of us, every unit is unique, it's a natural product with texture and colour determined by millennia of geological processes rather than modern chemical dyes, it's incredibly strong, hard-wearing and if all that wasn't enough, it's also beautiful.
Paver Driveways
Belgard pavers have a long history of successful applications on thousands of residential and commercial projects. Commonly used applications include driveway, walkway and patio pavers.
Retaining Wall Block Gallery
Choosing the correct wall for your needs isn't always the easiest task. There are two basic functions of a landscape wall. The first is a Retaining wall. Genest Retaining walls are used when you have a slope in your yard and you want to make a shelf for a patio, walkway, pool, raised flower bed… whatever. They can be both functional and beautiful.

The second, a Freestanding wall does not hold earth back. This wall is used to complete the look of and provide a seating area. Both side of the wall have a finished face. A Genest Freestanding wall works great around a patio, a pathway or at an entrance.

Your next choice is the look. Color, texture and finish create the look. Most wall blocks are created to look like natural stone. A stone cut wall ( Highland Wall Stone ) achieves this look the best. There are also walls that have varying sized blocks ( Highland 3" & 6" Wall Stone ) to look even more like natural stone walls.
Steps Gallery
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